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About us 

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Who we are:

After September 11th, 2001, a group of eight women in Cedar Rapids met informally to exchange concern and reach out to one another in solidarity and peace. We stated our own deepest hopes, fears and worries about recent national events. Women of different faiths joined in a common goal - the desire for peace. Eight women - not political, not seeking power - built a powerful bridge of friendship and forged a common bond. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives - all of us knew the immense dangers threatening our world. We are determined to promote PEACE, kindness and tolerance instead of war, danger, and revenge.

What we do:

Workers for Peace, with a growing membership, has had a remarkable year of sponsoring activities and building more bridges. We've done our share of humanitarian work, legislative lobbying and education - and we will do more. We've conducted educational forums and explored hard questions the media would not ask, and we will continue to do more.

What we believe:

Workers for Peace Iowa strives to promote peace in ourselves, our families, our community and our world by supporting structures for peaceful resolution of conflicts. We strive to educate ourselves and others about the roots of conflict and about peaceful means for resolving differences. We believe ways to resolve conflicts by means other than physical aggression must be searched, researched and sought. Workers for Peace abhors any act of terrorism, whether committed by nations, groups or individuals. We also believe international relations must be conducted according to the highest standards of honesty and respect. Workers for Peace believes the greatest act of patriotism is defending our rights as citizens of this great nation by standing for peace, justice and liberty for all. We encourage people to become active in their communities. Practicing the democratic process, including informed action and peaceful dissent, leads to a stronger and more resilient country.


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