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side pic 2

with Rowley & McGovern

WFPI joined by Coleen Rowley and Ray McGovern

mall walking 2015

Mall walking with new T-shirts, 2015

Hiroshima 2015

Hiroshima 70th anniversary—2015

Hiroshima 2014

Hiroshima memorial, 2014

Taking a stand in January, 2014

09-13-2013 01  09-13-2013 02  09-13-2013 04

Demonstration on September 13th, 2013

2013 demo

From left to right: Karl Knutson, Ann Klemen, Charlotte Martin, Kathy Hall, Cole Christy, John Schumaker

Mall Walking

Mall Walking

honk for peace

Hiroshima Remembered, 2013

Grassley protest

From left: Charlotte Martin, Judith Pedersen-Benn, Cole Christy, Karl Knutson, Dave Benn, John Schumaker
Photo: Kaitlyn Bernauer—Cedar Rapids Gazette

Women for Peace


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